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Farming & Agricultural Insurance

Californian farmers and ranchers have worked very hard to make California the #1 agriculture producing state in the U.S., so it's important to protect their hard work from disaster by utilizing the robust risk management products available.

Insurance For Your Farming & Agribusiness Operations 
Tavernetti, Layous & Clark Insurance understands the various levels of protection needed for your farming operation.  From seed to sale and everything that takes place in between TLC Insurance will ensure that your business is protected correctly every step of the way.
Insurance For Your Ranch or Hobby Farm
TLC Insurance understands that not everyone living in the country meets the requirements for a standard homeowners insurance policy nor are they considered commercial farmers or ranchers, so having the right product in place that is priced correctly is very important.  We will make sure that you get all the coverage you need and want and nothing you don't.
Insurance For Your Company's Vehicles
For your owned, hired, leased, borrowed and trucking exposures as well as well as all other arragements, TLC Insurance has your auto exposure covered.  Whether you have 0 vehicles registered to your company or 1,000 TLC Insurance will make sure that each and every one of them is covered as intended and agreed upon.
Farm & Agribusiness Umbrella Insurance
Farm and Agribusiness umbrella policies provide the highest level of liability coverage available for you and your business.  The umbrella policy covers all of your other farm & agribusiness policies' liability limits (for example your farm and business auto insurance policies) with an additional layer of liability protection in increments of $1,000,000.  All this extra protection and umbrella policies remain very affordable!
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers' Compensation insurance is essential for almost every business in the U.S. so the importance of finding the right company to entrust is paramount. Tavernetti, Layous & Clark will search to find the best combination of risk management, claims service, service, medical provider network and price to ensure the best fit for your company.
Other Available Insurance
With the thousands of possible insurance and risk management options available it is impossible to outline them all on this page, however, giving Tavernetti, Layous & Clark a call will ensure finding the right combination of those coverages and options, listed and unlisted, for your unique business needs.