From restaurants to business parks see how TLC can take care of your commercial insurance needs!
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Business & Commercial Insurance

There are thousands of differnet types of businesses out there, but the one thing they have in common is that they need the correct type and amount of insurance in place to ensure that if there is a property or liability loss, that the business will continue on into the future.  Tavernetti, Layous & Clark always has this objective in mind when reviewing each and every client's needs.
Insurance For Your Business
Whether you are a one person business or a larger, more commercial venture, Tavernetti, Layous & Clark will assess your exposures and make sure that each is addressed with the appropriate product provided by our insurance company partners.  We are able to insure the property and liability needs for the vast majority of businesses out there today.  If you would like to see what we can do for your business, please give us a call!
Business Auto Insurance

We provide business auto insurance for everything from sales vehicles to 18-wheelers owned, non-owned, leased, borrowed, or hired by your company ensuring that the risk of being out on the open road is reduced appropriately.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance
Commercial umbrella policies provide the highest level of liability coverage available for you and your company.  The umbrella policy covers all of your other policies' liability limits (for example your company's general liability and auto policies) with an additional layer of liability protection in increments of $1,000,000.  All this extra protection and umbrella policies remain very affordable!
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers' Compensation insurance is essential for almost every business in the U.S. so the importance of finding the right company to entrust is paramount. Tavernetti, Layous & Clark will search to find the best combination of risk management, claims service, service, medical provider network and price to ensure the best fit for your company.
Group Health and Life Insurance
For all, or maybe a selected group of employees, you and your company have decided to provide an enhanced compensation package including health and/or life insurance.  Should this be the decision that you make Tavernetti, Layous & Clark will make sure that the intended coverages get put in place with a reputable company, they are reviewed on a regular basis, and your overall employee compensation vision is realized.
Other Available Insurance
With the thousands of possible insurance and risk management options available it is impossible to outline them all on this page, however, giving Tavernetti, Layous & Clark a call will ensure finding the right combination of those coverages and options, listed and unlisted, for your unique business needs.